I have a little girl in my homeroom (Grade 6) who is a writer. Not long ago she shared one of her stories and I really enjoyed reading it. This happened today in class:

– Me: “Ey, after I read your story I got inspired by you and I bought a notebook to start writing”

– Student: “really?” With her eyes really opened.

– Me: “Sure, do you want to see it?”

I took the notebook and the special pen I bought to start writing on it and she opened her mouth like she could not believe her eyes. 

Then I said, “Yes, you have been an inspiration for me, and smiled at her”
This put the biggest smile on her face and she left the room after class over the moon feeling really proud of herself 😀

Be very aware of your words towards your students because the reality is that…

We have superpowers 💪

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