Why is it important?

I strongly believe that building positive relationships with our students is key if we want to help them succeed academically and most importantly develop themselves as a person, but why?

Firstly, when there is a good rapport between teacher and student, it just makes the whole learning thing way more enjoyable. Students are more likely to speak up in class, ask questions, and actually pay attention. Plus, when the student feel like the teacher actually cares about them, it is a serious motivator factor. The students not just doing the work because they have to; they are doing it because they want to impress someone who believes in them. Plus, when the students know they have their teacher’s support and there is not judgment, it is more likely they push themselves and try new things.

When you have built a positive relationships with the kids, it makes an impact not only in the learning but also in their general wellbeing. We are there to cheer them on, give them advice, and help them through tough times. That kind of support can make a huge difference, especially when they are facing challenges in school. When students feel comfortable, supported, and trusted by their teachers, it lays a solid foundation for academic success. They are more inclined to participate in class, take on challenges, and push themselves further. Essentially, when students know their teachers care about them, it sets the stage for improved academic performance and personal growth.

When the teacher does not build a positive relationship witht he students they are just not as into it and they may zone out during class. And here’s the thing, when there is not a positive teacher-student connection, student start losing motivation and questioning the teacher or themselves, feeling less confident, and that can seriously affect their performance. That is why it is no surprise that students tend to fall behind when they are not feeling the love from their teacher.

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