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my name is Borja Ferraz, I have been a teacher for 15 years. I have had the chance to work in different cultures and communities such as The Bahamas, Spain, The United Kingdom, China, and currently Qatar. I have experienced both public and international private education; this has allowed me to work with students from very different social and economic backgrounds. 

  During these years teaching I have realized that, the learning approach barely varies; however, the personal approach and the relationship with the students needs to be adapted according to the students’ needs. In my experience a student can develop their maximum potential in a better way, if they have their basic and emotional needs covered and balanced. Therefore, a teacher should make sure, as far as possible, that these social or emotional needs are covered.

If a teacher is able to build a strong, positive relationship with the students, they will feel safe, calm, and confident in class, facilitating the students’ learning. Additionally, if the relationship is strong enough, it will allow the teacher to work and improve the students’ emotional intelligence, helping them grow their self-esteem or manage frustration. These skills will also positively impact the students’ academic performance as they improve the conditions for the learning to happen. 

I am creating a shift in education through PEK (POSITIVE EMPOWERED KIDS) that will facilitate educators building positive and strong relationships with their students and also in that way they will achievebetter academical results.




My Curriculum 

Name: Borja Ferraz Vélez
Date of Birth: 8th October 1983
Gender: Male Nationality: Spanish. Based in Singapore.
Telephone: +34 648167508 
Email: borjaferrazvelez() Website: Linkedin: Borja Ferraz


● Qatar Academy Sidra. Doha. Qatar. 2023-2024.
● Freelance IB teacher. Las Palmas GC. Spain. 2022-2023.
● Ruamrudee International School. Bangkok. Thailand. 2016-2022.
● Beanstalk International Bilingual School. Beijing. China. 2016-2018.
● British Council, Wolverhampton, England 2014-2016.
● Queens College, Nassau, Bahamas 2012-2014.
● British Council, Worcester, England 2010-2012.



● CEU (Valencia, Spain) Master in Emotional Intelligence applied to teach. 2020 – 2021
● UDIMA (University of Madrid) Master in teaching languages in secondary school. 2014 – 2015
● ULPGC, Spain. Spanish, English and German (language and literature). Graduated 2010

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