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Based on my experience in the classroom and the training I have received, I developed two different courses. These courses aim for better relationships with the students in the classroom and at home.

Course 1

“Building positive relationships in the classroom.”

It is a course for teachers and the entire staff to work together. This course will analyse why it is essential to build positive relationships with the students, the science behind it and the do’s and don’ts in the classroom. Besides, I will provide tools and tricks to improve the relationship with the students.

Course 2

“Building positive relationships at home.”

It is a course for parents to work together with teachers and administration to see effective methods for their children’s education. We will find ways to be aligned with your kids’ schools to ensure the best social and academic development for them. Last but not least, we will explore tools and behaviours to improve the relationships with your children, especially during their teenage years.


As an author, I write articles for different educational institutions and publishers. Also, I write books for teachers, academic staff and parents. I base these books on my PEK philosophy, and I share my personal teaching stories, tools and tricks to develop positive relationships with children. These books aim to help parents and teachers improve their relationships with their students and kids.

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